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Australia, Japan and South East Asia

 EquiCap is a consultancy and investment firm, with interests in Australia, Japan and South East Asia. 

Focused on mergers, acquisitions and organic growth strategies. Our expertise is connecting people and businesses utilizing our broad network of contacts and multi industry knowledge base. Our role is to help clients succeed in achieving their business goals

Mergers & Acquisitions

As a third-party consultant we play a crucial role in the M&A process which is value added to all parties. Our service aims to take much of the burden off principals shoulders during what can be lengthy process so they are able to remain focused on achieving their existing business goals.  With parties able to remain focused on existing businesses it critically helps ensure that post-deal there is continuity of operations and revenue. As third party consultants we also aim to ensure principals from both parties have their expectations met and ideally exceeded. We help make sure all parties are on the same page at all times mitigating the risk of ill will being created due to misunderstandings, this is especially critical in situations where two companies may already have existing business relationships.

Our activities for Acquirers include:

• Assisting in the development of acquisition strategies and criteria
• Identifying appropriate target companies
• Initiating contact with target companies
• Facilitating meetings with target company personnel
• Assessing ‘fit’ profile between Acquirer and Vendor
• Talent Due Diligence
• Leading negotiations with the Vendors 
• Internal and External communications
• Cultural evaluation and bridging
• Developing a post-acquisition integration plan

Strategic High Growth 

EquiCap understands the unique demands placed on the leadership of companies today and are both experienced and well trained to quickly identify new sales, marketing and business growth opportunities. EquiCap are more than your typical 'consultant,' not only identifying opportunity but the willingness and commitment to roll up our sleeves and help you create and then implement the correct strategy and tactics.


Our activities for Vendors include:

• Providing a Market Attractiveness assessment
• Getting the Vendor ‘Market-Ready’ for sale
• Identifying potential acquirers
• Initiating contact with potential acquirers
• Facilitating meetings with potential acquirers
• Assessing ‘fit’ profile between Vendor and Acquirer
• Leading negotiations with Acquirers
• Monitoring post-acquisition milestones and chairing integration meetings


Our activities for Strategic High Growth 

• Assisting in the development of marketing strategies and criteria
• Identifying potential clients
• Initiating high level contact with potential clients
• Facilitating high level meetings with potential clients 
• Assessing ‘fit’ profile between Vendor and clients
• Internal and External communications
• Designing organization structures.
• Identifying and exploring growth opportunities.
• JVs and partnerships
• Launching companies/organizations or services
• Defining new products or services.



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