Private Investment &  Strategic Growth

Australia, Japan and South East Asia

EquiCap is a boutique private investment firm, with interests in Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia. 

We invest and advise a select portfolio of growth-oriented companies in the marine engineering and manufacturing sector, where our capital, expertise, network and capabilities can help create value, with the ability to invest strategically anywhere in the marine sector.

Investment & Acquisitions

We have more than 30 years of relationships and expertise in marine engineering and manufacturing. Enabling us to devote our extensive technical and commercial talent, intellectual capital, and people networks to remain at the forefront of investment.

  • Experience: EquiCap has carved a niche in marine sector private equity, building a wealth of experience and knowledge along the way.                                                 
  • Extensive network: long-established relationships with specialists in the sector                                                    
  • Diverse strategies, industry focus: our investment strategies cater to different risk profiles and entity stages, from start-up to mature growth expansion.                      
  • Enhancing innovation: we believe in the benefits of emerging technologies and fund their commercialization.

Global Knowledge
The EquiCap team has over 30 years of involvement in major and emerging international markets,  providing first-hand local market knowledge.


Our macroeconomic strategy and capabilities allow us to appreciate trends and anticipate disruption to better allocate capital to investment opportunities with optimal risk-weighted return profiles.

What we look for

Quality marine engineering and manufacturing assets, innovative and emerging technologies, and motivated management teams committed to using sustainable business practices.

Motivated management teams

We look to partner with motivated management teams with a track record of developing profitable, sustainable and successful assets.

Quality assets

We scour the globe for technically and economically attractive assets. We seek out opportunities that are strategic and in attractive stages of the market cycle.

Sustainable practices

We partner with companies that are serious about sustainable engineering and manufacturing practices. We believe everyone has to take responsibility for environmental, social and governance impacts.

Innovation and emerging technologies

We strive to partner with companies that promote and harness innovation and emerging technologies to achieve efficiencies over their competition.